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The Billups Anchorage is a resource that provides encouragement & insight to those pursuing healthy culture in relationships; including marriage, family, and friendships. Through various ways the anchorage strives to provide resources to counter the "Drift" in relationships that can occur unknowingly while doing life!



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Patrick O. Billups is a Husband, Father of Twins, Senior/Lead Pastor of Relevant Church Mathews, VA. "I'm a Lover of Family, Preacher of Purpose & Destiny, Educator of Music, Pusher of Dreams & Goals!"

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Carmaleta Ann is a Wife, Mother of Twins and Executive Pastor of Relevant Church, Mathews VA! "I'm just like glitter fun to be around. Hard to get rid of and when you think I'm gone, NOPE! Still there"


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Marriage Fundamentals Course (Episode 1)
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